What a pan jam!

THERE IS SOMETHING about the playing of the steel pan that makes people move. It was no different when Flow Oistins Fish Festival Pan Riddim In De Bay, under the theme Catch De Culture, came off on Friday.

This year’s Pan Riddim attracted steel orchestras from St Leonard’s Boys’ School and Foundation School once more, along with Princess Margaret Secondary School who were making their first appearance at the event.

St Leonard’s and Foundation exuded lots of energy and showed they can have a sound future if they continue to focus on the instrument.

However, it was Princess Margaret who added an extra to the evening’s pan yard. They injected a session of the Landship choreography and tuk (drum) music to the delight of the audience.

Music teacher at Princess Margaret Paul Forde said the steel band started seven years ago with different students over that period. There was also a break because of COVID-19.

“Two years ago we restarted and included the tuk band and the Landship through the NCF (National Cultural Foundation) and that allowed us to create a different presentation when we perform. It is not just steel pan and music and tuk, but movement with Landship,” Forde said.

Rashida Brereton is the tutor of the Landship and Kierre Beckles was the inspiration for the tuk band.

Forde said the steel pan group was a combined class of fourth and fifth formers tutored within school hours.

“They go through the different rudiments of playing the music. It’s an important aspect of child development and we think it is important that children not only perform in school but in the community.” (JS)

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