Traffic arrangements for Gold Cup day

Special traffic arrangements will be in place on Saturday in the area of the Garrison Savannah, St Michael, to facilitate the running of the Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup 2023.

The Barbados Police Service says in order to alleviate traffic congestion, general vehicular traffic flow on Garrison Road will be restricted to one way only – from Dalkeith towards Hastings – with motorists keeping the Savannah to their right at all times.

However, Public Service Vehicles will have normal access.

Vehicles will not be allowed to park or remain stationary on Garrison Road, Garrison Hill, Dalkeith Road, Dalkeith Hill, Dayrells Road, Bay Street and Hastings Road except for the purpose of setting down or picking up passengers.

Parking is permitted on the grassy areas on the circumference of the Savannah, but not on sidewalks.

No parking will be allowed in front of any area along the track designated for entry of horses or vehicles onto the Savannah. (PR/SAT)


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