St Lucia PM responds to concern over COVID-19 vaccine

Castries, St Lucia – Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says he will follow the “dictates” of the Ministry of Health and the St Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) before responding officially to a locally-based organisation expressing concern over amendments proposed to a planned World Health Organisation (WHO) pandemic treaty.

The Freedom Coalition wrote to Prime Minister Pierre requesting transparency regarding the island’s position on the measure and amendments proposed by the United States government.

“Why has your government not informed the citizenry with respect to the position it took at the WHO conference in Switzerland….where amendments proposed by the Biden administration to the International Health Regulations would effectively cede our constitutional and citizens’ rights to the WHO and result in absolute and unprecedented medical tyranny?” Freedom Coalition said in its January 27 letter.

Freedom Coalition said African countries as well as Russia, China and Brazil have all “rightfully and courageously’ opposed the measures.

The January 27, 2023 letter to the Prime Minister also expressed concern that despite numerous reports from countries around the world of many people suffering adverse effects and death as a result of taking the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’, the authorities here continue to promote the injection which has proven to be neither ‘safe’ nor ‘effective’.

But Pierre told reporters Monday that he would be following the “science”, adding “as far as vaccines are concerned, I follow the contemporary science”.

Pierre told the reporters that the Ministry of Health would also be dealing with the matter.

“I don’t want to get involved in any conspiracy theories, lack of conspiracy – I am not getting involved. All I can tell you when it comes to vaccines and health matters, I follow the dictates of the Ministry of Health and the St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association.”

He acknowledged receiving the correspondence from Freedom Coalition and had passed it on to the appropriate authority.

“I do not want to opine on these matters. If there are any issues as they relate to constitutional matters, the Attorney General will opine on them. What I know is that matters of vaccines, matters of health we go to the Ministry of Health,” Pierre told reporters.

WHO member states are expected to consider a progress report this year. (CMC)

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