Life sentences for two killers

The murder of Mark Walton was an “arrogant execution of a peaceful, law-abiding citizen” which deserves nothing less than life imprisonment.

So said Justice Carlisle Greaves as he sentenced killers Rashayne Aneil Blenman and Romario Antonio Clarke to that term when they appeared in the No. 3 Supreme Court.

“This was an offence committed against a young man, with a family, who sought to do nothing more than be an upright citizen who lived up to the ethics we teach in our community – when we see something, say something,” the judge noted.

“He sought to stop the violence that was about to occur, not by striking anyone, but by simply requesting them to back off and move on. But instead, the peacemaker met the brazen arrogance of Mr Clarke, who chose to assault him and who demanded of Mr Blenman to shoot him.” (HLE)

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