‘Share towers’

Telecommunications providers are being advised to share cell tower spaces to reduce the erection of the tall imposing antennae towers in residential areas.

This from Senior Minister Dr William Duguid, who has responsibility for the Planning and Development Department.

Duguid said telecommunications company Digicel decided to co-share a space with its competitor, Flow Barbados, as it prepares to remove the controversial cell tower equipment from the small Olive Lodge Road, Holders Hill, St James community following demands from incensed residents.

While not divulging the location, Duguid suggested this was a valid compromise.

“I am not at liberty to discuss those matters,” he said when asked where the tower would be relocated. “The company is making alternative arrangements. They are joining with Flow. Flow has a tower and Digicel would add on their equipment on the same tower.”

Duguid said this was not the first time the telecommunications companies would be sharing tower space.

“As a department we encourage a co-location where both service providers will have their equipment on one tower to reduce the number of towers that are required across Barbados,” he said.

He reiterated that applications for the erection of cell towers must be submitted to the Planning Department before installation.

Asked if the department would now insist that telecommunications companies inform communities about the erection of towers in their neighbourhoods as well as undertake environmental impact studies, he pointed out that the application process involved the regulatory agencies determining “whether environmental impacts, including social impact assessment, [are] required or not and they are done by case by case basis”

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