Santia: Second half of pay today

Several workers employed under the National Cleanup Programme who have not been paid since the week of December 9, should get their money by today.

Minister of Transport, Works and Water Resources Santia Bradshaw said the funds were received late last week, but part of the delay came from how some opted to be paid.

She said those who are paid by cheque, about 700 people, received their money and post office hours were extended to 3 p.m. to facilitate them last Friday, but it took longer for approximately 300 who are paid via the credit union.

“The reason they would not have received the monies up until Friday would have been the issue in terms of banking. That is not within our control. Yes, if it hits late, then it takes longer to get to them, but it would be from the banking end and not the ministry’s end. They’re telling me that they expect the monies would clear hopefully by today (Thursday), if not by tomorrow (Friday) by the latest,” Bradshaw said.  (Nation News)

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