Artistes pushing for minimum wage

The Barbados Association of Creatives and Artistes (BACA) is educating members, especially musicians, on how much to charge for their services.

And in 2023, the intention is also to have a minimum wage for certain events and shows, says president Sean “Apache” Carter. The national minimum wage does not apply to creatives, but he hopes to have a tiered system based on specific criteria.

“You would have an artiste who has to bring his/her own equipment, set up that equipment and sing and perform for $150 that night. We are educating the [artiste] about the cost involved in getting that equipment to the venue, in the set-up and for the actual performance, so $150 for everything they’re doing is really selling themselves short,” Carter said.

“One of the things we’re hoping to do through the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries is to have a minimum wage for certain shows and certain events. Different shows, events and gigs will have a different minimum wage, so it will be a tier system but you can negotiate rates within that tier system based on if the person is a recording artiste, an international artiste, their years or experience and their popularity.” (Nation News)

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