Ryan Walters ready to represent

Ryan Walters has promised real representation for the people of St Michael North West.

“It feels great to be the duly nominated candidate for St Michael North West on behalf of the Democratic Labour Party, and I am ready to continue the work I started many months ago in St Michael North West,” he told the media after concluding the nomination process at The Ellerslie School on Monday.

However, he made it clear he was not concerned about the opposition, but was there to represent the people of the constituency, and by extension he people of Barbados.

“We are not going to be focusing on opponents, we are going to be focusing on the people of the constituency and of Barbados. We are not going to be distracted by all the red and all the noise around us,” he said.

Walters, flanked by his girlfriend Kerrilyn Harding and his nomination team, strode up St Stephen’s Hill to the strains of “We going in with Walters” and a church bell amid a sea of yellow. (RA)

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