Rowley: COVID-19 not stopping Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago- Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley on Thursday assured there was no need to change COVID-19 protocols, impose new restrictions, cancel Carnival or close the country’s borders despite an increase in cases and hospitalizations.

He asserted that the population was now highly immune, with about half vaccinated and a large portion of those unvaccinated population having been exposed to the virus and therefore acquired natural immunity.

However, he stressed the importance of personal responsibility, especially during Carnival next month.

“The country’s open but there’s COVID out there. Take personal cover, you know what you can do the list of things that you can do. Do those things that you can do,” the Prime Minister urged at a press conference with health officials on Thursday morning to update the country on the COVID-19 situation in the twin-island republic.

At a press conference to give on Thursday morning, health officials reported that between January 2 and 9, there were 406 new cases and eight deaths were reported January 2-10. (CMC)

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