Results still being tabulated for US midterm elections

US Republicans are increasingly optimistic they will win the House of Representatives, as votes are counted from Tuesday’s midterm elections.

CBS News says the lower chamber of Congress is leaning towards the Republicans.

But the battle for the Senate is up in the air with key races still rated as toss-ups.

Though President Joe Biden is not on the ballot, the midterms will shape the fate of his agenda.

As the vote tally continued on Tuesday night, CBS estimated Republicans would win 198 seats, and Democrats 176.

The US network projects Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – a hotly tipped 2024 White House contender – will cruise to re-election as the Sunshine State trends increasingly conservative.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is also forecast to comfortably beat his challenger, Democratic congresswoman Val Demings.

Key Senate races in Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania were rated too close to call.

All 435 seats in the House and a third of the Senate are up for grabs.

Republicans have been widely expected to pick up the five seats they need to control the House.

Which party holds sway in the Senate may not be known for days, or weeks if Georgia goes down to a run-off vote. (BBC)

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