Not so fast!

The promise by the Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) that electricity bills will be lower even if rates are increased is giving some intervenors in the electricity rate hearing a feeling of déjà vu.

Last week, manager of regulatory affairs at BL&P, Dr Adrian Carter, explained that due to the coming on stream of the 33-megawatt Clean Energy Bridge (CEB), customers would likely be paying less for their bills should the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) grant the increase at this point

However, intervenor Kenneth Went contends this is a path that the BL&P has taken the country down before, at the end of which there was little to show for it. He said that during the 2009 rate hearing, the BL&P made the same promise, which was not fulfilled in the stipulated time frame.

He argued that had the BL&P stuck to its 2012 promised implementation timeline, Barbadians could have seen savings on their electricity bills to the tune of $270 million over the last decade.  (CLM)

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