Cyber bullying ‘increasing’

Cyber bullying has become more prevalent in Barbados, says information technology expert Steven Williams.

He believes that if it is not addressed, more of the online feuds could escalate to physical violence when the new school year begins next month.

Williams, who is also the Director at Sunisle Technology Solutions and chairman of the Ellerslie School, highlighted that issue to parents yesterday during In the Winners’ Circle Inc. and The Maria Holder Memorial Trust’s parent webinar entitled You, Your Child and Social Media.

“Cyberbullying is real in Barbados and it has even become more pervasive because there are many times arguments that take place online and children feel they can be mean and disrespectful to each other.

“Now when they come back to school those statements don’t disappear or go away, they manifest themselves in being physically harmful now because they can continue that angst to the point where they now engage in physical violence and its’ not healthy,” Williams said. (TG)

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