‘No candidates positive’

The campaign managers for the two major political parties say none of their candidates have tested positive for COVID-19.

When the Nation reached out to The Most Honourable Jerome Walcott, campaign manager for the Barbados Labour Party, he said he was satisfied that the party 30 candidates were adhering to the COVID-19 protocols.

“As far as I am aware, our candidates thankfully are not positive for COVID. I have seen the rumours. I have seen the stories going around. I have no information to show that any of our candidates have COVID.

“We have cautioned our candidates as they go around to canvass to exercise caution and to be very careful – wear their masks and sanitise their hands. Thus far there are no issues.”

He admitted that there would be difficulties if someone should be infected with COVID since that person would have to be in isolation, but Walcott said they had basically jumped that hurdle since everyone was available for Nomination Day.

In terms of the remaining days before the election on January 19, he said; “I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that everything goes well.”

When asked about the absence of Santia Bradshaw at Friday night’s mega meeting at Six Roads, St Philip, and its manifesto launch last Saturday and Sunday, Walcott confirmed that she was present for two meetings this week “back to back” and others were given a chance to speak in St Philip.

Likewise, David Bowen, one of the campaign managers for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) said none of that party’s 30 candidates had been affected by the virus.

“As far as I know, everyone is doing okay. We don’t have an issue at this point in time. We are good.” He said that the DLP’s candidates have been acting responsibly.

“They have been sanitising; they have been wearing their masks,” he said, adding that they had also been advised to take care of their health with vitamins since that was important.

Bowen said to date they had done a lot of their major events.

“We continue with our spot meetings. A lot of our campaign is being streamed. We are using our auditorium at George Street to stream live for our online community.” (MB)

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