Mottley a good captain, says Farley

Leadership matters, says Reginald Farley, a former representative for the Christ Church East constituency.

He said it was the reason why voters should throw their support behind Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and her Barbados Labour Party (BLP) team.

Farley made the rallying cry when he took to the platform at Sayes Court, Christ Church, on Wednesday night to endorse the candidacy of Wilfred Abrahams, the man who replaced him in the constituency.

He told the crowd gathered at the playing field that he would speak about leadership and why it matters who leads Barbados.

“When you want to take a boat out to sea, you look for a good captain. When you want to take a country forward, you need to have a good captain, too, and for me, Barbados is like a boat . . . . Right now there are choppy and turbulent waters – there is COVID, there are some economic issues . . . . Who do you want to go into choppy seas with, a bunch of  . . . or an experienced captain with some good seamen on board? he asked.

He said the Prime Minister had proven “in three and a half years as the good captain of this ship Barbados, that she is more than capable of handling seas, rough or calm”.

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