Minimum age for heavy duty licence changed

The minimum age for some driving licence categories has been changed following recent amendments to Section 69 of the Road Traffic Act, Cap 295.

According to the amended legislation published in The Official Gazette on December 22, 2022, a person must now be 18 years or older to be issued with a driving licence for a heavy goods vehicle and motor tractor.

The amendment further states that no person under the age of 25 years may be issued a driving licence for a motor omnibus or public service vehicle. Therefore, driving licences for these vehicle categories will not be endorsed as valid to applicants under these age limits.

The Road Traffic (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2022 states, “…a driving licence shall not be issued or endorsed as valid to an applicant who is (a) is under the age of 18 years for the purpose of driving (i) a contract carriage; (ii) heavy goods vehicle; (iii) a hired car; (iv) a motor tractor; or (v) a self-driven car; or (b) is under the age of 25 years for the purpose of driving (i) a motor omnibus; or (ii) a public service vehicle.”

Consequently, people between the ages of 18 and 24 with heavy goods or motor tractor permits who were affected by the suspension of these permits and licenses categories in 2022, may now visit the Driver Testing Section of the Barbados Licensing Authority (BLA), The Pine, St Michael to book their new test date.

They should take their permit, receipt, and a valid form of picture identification to the BLA; clerical officers will then verify the documents and schedule a test date for the customer.

Acting Chief Licensing Officer, Treca McCarthy-Broomes explained, “The scheduling of test dates for these individuals will be prioritised based on the individual’s readiness as well as internal availability. We have also increased the number of testing officers at the Barbados Licensing Authority to assist with the backlog.”

Those who may need more information are asked to call the BLA at 536-0268 or 536-0262. (PR/SAT)

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