Lynch: Barbados passes T20 World Cup test

Chairman of the National Organising Committee (NOC) Noel Lynch, thinks that Barbados has come through the initial organisational challenges of the International Cricket Council Men’s T20 World Cup with flying colours.

Saturday marked the end of the Group phase from the Kensington Oval leg of the tournament, and according to Lynch, Barbados deserved an “8.5 marking out of ten” for dealing with the challenges such as traffic flow, security, vending, park and ride arrangements.

Lynch told the DAILY NATION that the relevant stakeholders will meet tomorrow and an assessment will be done, reviewing last week.

“We will be looking at how our systems worked in reference to volunteering, security, getting in and out of the stadium, the park and ride situation. Saturday’s match between England and Australia was easily the biggest local crowd and it was a chance for us to assess the park and ride system.

“Saturday was a good chance for us to see the various systems tested such as the traffic flows, how people got in and out of Kensington, and how the vendors react to business, the vendors that couldn’t get in and are on the outside whether or not their business are being patronised, and how the fan zones worked.

“We have got a lot to look at on Tuesday (tomorrow) but I were to assess Barbados right now, 8.5 out of ten, I think we are doing well,” he said.

The former Minister of Tourism said that the rained out England/Scotland fixture was actually a blessing in disguise for many vendors.

“It is unfortunate that the match between England and Scotland got rained out, but that match actually gave our vendors, the ones that were in the stadium, got an opportunity to sell a lot of their wares,” he said.

Lynch said that business was booming was booming for some transport providers.

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