Disrespect for cops ‘a concern’

A prosecutor is concerned about the disrespect shown to police when they are on the job.

Constable Ralph Rollock made the observation recently while addressing the Bridgetown Traffic Court in relation to Denico Shaquon Blenman, 23, who was there charged with causing a disturbance on Graeme Hall Road, Christ Church, unlawfully wounding Ricardo Phillips, resisting and assaulting Sergeant Christopher Rouse and using indecent language toward Rouse by stating: “Arrest what! You is a ****ing idiot or what?”

Rollock told the court: “This kind of disrespect for law and order is being minimised. The police are out there to do a service; they’re trying to keep this country at a decent level, but it seems to be giving people joy now, to obstruct the police and their duties.”

Blenman, a resident of Ivy Main Road, St Michael, pleaded not guilty on the charges.

The prosecutor stressed that he would not normally object to bail in such matters but nowadays, “Every time the police are working, somebody is interfering, obstructing, or assaulting the police”.

“This was allegedly not a matter involving him, and he gets involved. When the police are working, let them work in peace,” the prosecutor stressed.

Responding, attorneyat- law Harry Husbands

noted that based on the type of matters which come before the court, his client’s matters fall “at the lower end of the spectrum”.

He added that “there is a point at which police can be involved in de-escalating these matters” and they cannot just “down hands on a person”.

According to his information, the officer “was swinging” at Blenman when he ducked and the officer cut himself, the attorney said.

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