Inmate apologises for disruption

A prisoner who appeared before the District “B” Magistrates’ Court on Monday behaved so unruly that Magistrate Douglas Frederick ordered him to take his seat and apologise, or he would not be heard.

A few other inmates had just finished their business at the court, located at the Eric Holder Municipal Complex in Horse Hill, St Joseph, and were seated on a bench.

When it was time for them to precede the prison officer into the holding cell, the officer held the arm of Omar Ricardo Best who immediately dragged his arm away and shouted: “I just wanna know wuh I in here fuh . . . . I wanna talk to the magistrate. I got rights!”

Magistrate Frederick told Best, of 2nd Avenue Vauxhall, Christ Church, to behave himself and that if he failed to do so, he would not be given a hearing. As the officer held onto his arm again, Best shouted: “My man, tek you hands offa me!” (SD)

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