Honours shared in Jim Wedderburn Zone

After a competitive day at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex, Christ Church Girls’ School and the boys from St Stephen’s Primary School shared the honours in the James Wedderburn Zone.

On Day two of the Chefette Frosteez National Primary School Athletic Championships (NAPSAC), Christ Church Girls’ School won their division with 255 points, nearly 100 more than their nearest competitors St Stephen’s Primary on 155, while St Matthew’s Primary was two points adrift in third place.

St Stephen’s Primary had lots of support from the stands. (Picture by Kenmore Bynoe)

St Stephen’s won the Boys’ division, as 221 points were enough to see them home. St Christopher Primary placed second with 191, just one point ahead of St Giles Primary.

Aimeree Thompson led the way for Christ Church Girls’ School with her performances in the Under-13 category. The 11-year-old won both the 200 and 400 metres with times of 30.49 seconds and 1 minute 10:10 seconds, respectively. She also got three points in the long jump.

St Lucy’s Primary School’s Ojahria Mayers blew away the Under-7 division to collect 30 points. After winning the 50 metre dash, she also placed first in the standing broad jump and was victorious in the tennis ball throw with a distance of 12.53 metres, a considerable distance ahead of Christ Church Girl’ School’s Sierra Daniel-Kellman, who got 11.76m.

It was in the Under-9 divisions where the speedsters resided. Eight-year-old Ayzize Bourne from Roland Edwards Primary School blitzed the field in the 80, 100 and 150 metre dashes as the closest his competitors got to him was the starting line with times of 12.91 seconds, 16.10 and 24.89, respectively.

Likewise, Anniyah Sandiford from St Matthew’s Primary School was comprehensive in her 80, 100 and 150 metre victories. Both students earned 30 points for their school.

NAPSAC continues today at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex as the Anton Norris Zone gets under way. The schools competing are: Reynold Weekes Primary, Cuthbert Moore Primary School, Hillaby Turners Hall Primary, Welches Primary, All Saints Primary, St Joseph Primary, St John Primary, Grantley Prescod Memorial Primary, Arthur Smith Primary, Deacons Primary and Erdiston Special School.

Final points:


Christ Church Girls School 252
St Stephen’s Primary School 155
St Matthew’s Primary School 153
Roland Edwards Primary School 141
St Christopher Primary 120
St Lucy’s Primary 114
St Giles’ Primary School 88
People’s Cathedral School 44
St Ambrose Primary 42
Ignatius Byer Primary School 10
St Luke’s Academy 6


St Stephen’s Primary School 222
St Christopher Primary 191
St Giles’ Primary 190
St Luke’s Primary 136
Roland Edwards Primary School 128
St Ambrose Primary 88
St Matthews’s Primary School 65
Ignatius Byer Primary School 57
People’s Cathedral School 36
St Luke’s Academy 8

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