Hilda Skeene and West Terrace shine at NAPSAC finals

West Terrace Primary and Hilda Skeene are ready for the weekend, after running their way into the hearts of fans, schoolmates, parents and teachers at the Usain Bolt Complex yesterday.

The lasses from St Philip and the lads from up the hill in West Terrace earned their respective girls and boy’s titles at the climax of the annual National Primary School Athletic Championships (NAPSAC) at the Black Rock, St Michael, mini-stadium.

Hilda Skeene’s Blazers, sponsored by Crane Resort, and West Terrace, backed by Chefette Frosteez, both had to battle hard to emerge champions in two tightly contested races.

Hilda Skeene (183 points) finally pulled away to seal victory by 24 points ahead of main rivals, Sandals Resort Christ Church Girls (164 points).

Victrix Ludorum Tyajah Bushay of Hilda Skeene winning the Under-9s 80 metre yesterday.

But West Terrace had to battle much harder for their win, earning 89 points, just three ahead of Charles F Broome Memorial.

Tyajah Bushay of Hilda Skeene and Liam Howard-Niles of Charles F. Broome each amassed 30 points to win the Victrix and Victor Ludorum titles respectively. (BA)

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