Credit union rebrands, targets youth

The Barbados Workers’ Union credit union is sporting new colours, and a new name, with its rebrand to AffinityPlus Credit Union Ltd.

On Tuesday, the branch in Fairchild Street unveiled its hues of white, purple, orange and green, a new look and new name, returning to its former headquarters in The City after four years.

Marketing manager Valerie Hope said that while the credit union’s core purpose – to improve the quality of life of its members – has remained consistent, it has evolved in how it fulfils this.

AffinityPlus Credit Union has over 31 500 members and more than $200 million in assets.

“As a leading credit union, you can only survive if you grow, and the only way that you can grow is if you are attracting new eyes to your business. Over the years, the credit union has diversified its range of financial products and services, and built a robust digital footprint to make it easier for members to do business with the organisation,” she said.

“The rebranding was a big part in building more risk and expanding the risk management and resilience within the credit union. So now we feel that we are better positioned to be able to develop further out our digital offerings and get more young people into the credit union movement,” Hope added.

Concerning the name change, she said “Affinity” means “a feeling of closeness and understanding someone has for another person or entity because of similar qualities, ideas, or interests”.

“It also pays homage to our roots in the Barbados Workers’ Union and the concept of solidarity. The inclusion of the word ‘Plus’ in our name is a bold proclamation that when you are a member of AffinityPlus, you will experience a distinct advantage, as our products and services provide additional value to your life,” she explained. (JRN/PR)

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