Government fast tracking temporary housing

Twelve temporary housing units are being fast tracked to house those displaced by Hurricane Elsa.

The units, separated into three complexes, are situated along Barker’s Road, Tichbourne and Haggatt Hall, St Michael.

They are estimated to cost between BDS $180 000 to $190 000 each to build and are part of the East West project.

Senior Minister Dr William Duguid said there were still too many people being housed at places such as the BWU Labour College and Codrington College so, while they had run into some issues regarding utilities, he expected the units to be finished in short order.

The work is being done by POMC Inc. and includes the Construction Gateway programme teaching construction techniques to those seeking to enter the industry.

However MP Trevor Prescod, in whose constituency the development is taking place, said he had made arrangements for housing for his constituents on the spot and did not appreciate Government instead making it available for others. He vowed to keep agitating, remaining sceptical at how temporary the housing was really going to be. (CA)

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