Chief Magistrate: Parents need help

Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes has called for a national parenting programme to help families with issues.

“If we do not get that national parenting programme, we will not turn it around,” he said.

His comments came after he dealt with a teenager whose mother said she left it to the father to attend Parent-Teacher Association as well as form level meetings.

Serrian Jamali Scott-Fagan, a 17-year-old farmer, of Jackman’s Alley, Orange Hill, St James, had just pleaded guilty in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court to having a knife on Hastings Road, Christ Church, and using the insulting language: “You is a f*** idiot” to Constable Renaldo Downes, both on August 6.

“I’m sorry for using the language to the officer and for having the knife. Sometimes people does come ’round me and my friends so I had it to protect myself,” he said. (HLE)

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