Canon: Lent is a solemn time

Devout Christians were glad for the opportunity to mark Ash Wednesday yesterday.

At St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Black Rock, St Michael, the congregation was marked with the traditional cross on the forehead and also took communion, all while reaffirming their faith.

Canon George Harewood said Lent was a time to reflect on life and the Christian journey prior to Easter, which represents the victory of Christ over sin. He said some people did not like the solemnity of the occasion and would prefer more upbeat hymns, but Lent was a solemn time and the hymns had special meaning.

Harewood said he too was using the time to reflect on his own faith and to see how he could be a better person and a better Reverend, as no one should feel they had no room for improvement, especially clerics.

The reverend said he was slightly disappointed at the small turnout for the 6 a.m. service but it was understandable given it was the first such since 2020. He said he was more heartened by the turnout for the 12:30 p.m. service, however, and thanked the congregation for attending. (CA)

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