Barbadian police ‘deserve more pay’

President of the Barbadian Ex-Police Association of New York, Dennis Yarde, says local officers deserve salary increases, incentives and better treatment so they can carry out their duties more effectively.

“I admit that police here get good results for the most part because they are hard-working individuals, but you need then to have an award system and incentivise them.

“Whenever there is a good deed, don’t let it go unseen. Come out and make a presentation and don’t mind how minor it might be. It encourages people to want to do more and do better,” he told the Sunday Sun yesterday.

“Salaries are also important. They need to increase salaries, and I think there needs to be a fostering of benevolence between rank and file and there needs to be a bridge of the gap between rank and file,” he added.

Yarde was at the Police Sports Club, Weymouth, St Michael, where the association presented Alexcia Williams with $2 000. She is the daughter of retired policeman Grenville “Floats” Cumberbatch, who was murdered at his home in Rose Hill, St Peter, in June last year. (TG)

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