YMCA win hockey opener

YMCA were the only victorious side after yesterday’s low-scoring but highly competitive start to the 2022 Barbados Hockey Federation League Cup at the Barbados Hockey Centre in Wildey, St Michael.

A 41st-minute goal by Kenneth McClean gave YMCA Men the 1-0 victory over Juniors in yesterday’s curtain-raiser while Combermere School Old Scholars (CSOS) and All Stars played out a spirited 1-1 draw in the Masters’ division.

The scheduled women’s game between Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) and Legends did not materialise due to BUT’s inability to field a full team.

YMCA almost fell into the same situation as BUT when they started the game against Juniors missing players. Juniors looked prime to dominate their opponents, who looked weary early on because of the sweltering afternoon conditions and their lack of numbers. However, YMCA held on as their players trickled into the venue one by one. (NM)


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