‘Yes’ to lesser count of unlawful killing

No victim’s death will be “trivialised” in the attempt to clear the backlog plaguing the judicial system.

This was the declaration of Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alliston Seale as he accepted a manslaughter plea in the No. 2 Supreme Court yesterday.

“We recognise and I always make it abundantly clear that we do not trivialise the death of an individual. Even in the process of clearing up the backlog, we do not think we can wheel and deal with the lives of individuals simply to clear up the backlog. So there must be a legal basis upon which we accept the plea,” he said.

Kelly Javanni Prentice, then 17 now 25, of Ellis Village, Halls Road, St Michael, had just pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing – manslaughter – Guyanese Brinsley Warde, 48, formerly of Chase Gap, Halls Road, on October 9, 2015.  (HLE)

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