Yearwood: Thorne helps to ease load

Democratic Labour Party (DLP) president Dr Ronnie Yearwood is not harbouring any grudges over the position Leader of the Opposition, Ralph Thorne, now holds in the party.

During the second day of Agrofest at Queen’s Park, St Michael, the party leader sought to put to rest any rumours he was unhappy with the current situation.

“The positions are constitutional – Mr Thorne is the political leader and is responsible for carrying the debates in Parliament, carrying the political fight to the Government, while I remain, as I was elected by the majority of the membership, the president of the party,” he said.

“That entails running the administration of the party, making sure the branches are functioning, dealing with the overall selection processes and dealing with the general secretary to ensure the engine of the DLP works from that aspect.”

Yearwood said his duties were made easier since Thorne crossed the floor.

“Mr Thorne’s role is to ensure the upkeep of the public face of the party and the political bits of the party are functioning. I was carrying both roles so it’s really good to have someone to help carry that load. Many hands make light work,” he said.

Yearwood, commenting on his next steps should the DLP reap success in the next General Election, said: “I don’t engage in those types of speculations. Who knows what might happen at elections. The reality is, when elections are called and persons win a seat from that particular grouping, they choose who they want to be leader and thus the Prime Minister. It is that simple.

“What we as a party need to do now is focus on the work that needs to be done for the country, understand we are here as the DLP to try to represent Barbadians’ interests as best we can and focus towards winning some seats,” he said.

On February 9, Thorne, the Christ Church South Member of Parliament, visited President The Most Honourable Dame Sandra Mason and declared his intention to cross the floor and become Leader of the Opposition. He was sworn in on February 12.

On February 16, Thorne officially applied to join the DLP and three days later he was accepted, making him political leader of the party. 

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