Women’s Network pressing for answers on GIS

The Women in Action Network (WiAN) continues to demand answers from Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams, about the condition of the girls housed at the Government Industrial School (GIS), as well as the findings on the recent departmental inquiry.

Yesterday, WiAN submitted several questions to the media which the group is putting to the minister.

The email noted: “The Women in Action Network has taken note of the . . . stance taken by Minister Wilfred Abrahams . . . . Organisations of women, young and old, have been asking the minister for answers via an update on the well-being of the girls at the Government Industrial School, reports from the 2021 investigation and the report on the 2022 investigation. As these reports appear not to be forthcoming, it would perhaps be easier for the minister to answer direct questions.”

Among the things the group wants to know are:

What was the basis for deciding on who was to be interviewed by the recent panel?
Did the panel interview the former house mistress?
Why was the watchman not interviewed?
Why did the panel not interview wards who complained severely about the maltreatment at GIS?
What are the qualifications of the supervisors on staff?
Was the permanent secretary also interviewed by the panel? (MB)

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