Women encouraged to aim higher

Women, especially single parent breadwinners, are being challenged to go beyond their comfort zone as it relates to business.

The organisers of the Empower Her conference held earlier today at Accra Beach Resort, Rockley, Christ Church, said some women were constantly procrastinating and making excuses when it came to getting involved in business, which prevented them from reaching their true potential.

Business coach and mentor Dionne Greaves, who is also known as “The Mompreneur CEO” said it was easy for single mothers to make excuses about not pursuing business ventures and get comfortable in their current environment, but it was time to change that mindset.

“You are not restricted to physical stuff, you can work in the online space; there are so many opportunities you can explore. If you keep seeing what you are going through in your personal life as an obstacle, you are not going to grow.

“The problem is that we get in a comfort zone and we stay there. My challenge is to cause you to level up and be more than your present self,” she said.

Chief executive officer of Jesus, Coffee and Prayer, Dr Nakita Davis, said it was time for women to step up and stop playing soft.

She said women should not only think of making ends meet to provide for their households as it was also important to reach for higher heights and pursue things that would bring in more income or assist in achieving a higher professional certification.

Davis said a lot of women, especially single mothers, were sleeping on their talents because they were struggling or did not have support.

She said that despite circumstances there was always a way to achieve one’s goal.

Founder of A Purpose Life Marcia N. Armstrong said the Empower Her conference was designed to help women to achieve their true potential and to help them build the confidence they needed to pursue a better life for them and their dependents. (SB)

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