Woman covers son as tree crashes onto house

Kiara Murray’s maternal instincts kicked in when she saw part of her house caving in yesterday.

“My first reaction was to save my son and I jump over [my boyfriend] and I curl over my son. The roofing came down and hit me at the back of my head – nothing major,” said the pregnant woman, whose home was damaged when a tree fell at Bullens Avenue, Dalkeith, St Michael, during the wee hours of yesterday.

Two houses were impacted when the tree came tumbling down, as the earth-shattering noise woke several residents from deep sleep.

Murray said she and her boyfriend heard the dogs acting up and thought they were fighting. Initially, upon hearing the crackling noise, they thought someone was breaking into the house.

“When we went to see who it was, the lights went out and everything went dark and that is when we see the house from the back caving in,” she recalled.

They had no idea that the tree posed a threat so the uprooting came as a shock.

Similarly, Henry Nightengale, who has lived in the area since 1962, thought the leaning tree was simply growing. (AC)

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