Woman apologises over viral video

A woman issued an apology on social media to the man accused of spying into her bedroom and hurling obscenities at her.

She had previously taken video of him and posted it online, asking members of the public to help identify him.

However, while Kevin Thorpe, 24, admitted to being the man in the video, he said he was not the person terrorising women in the Clermont/Husbands, St James area.

He was released from police custody on Tuesday evening without being charged.

When contacted, the woman told Nation News police had a man in custody.

The apology said in part: “I am saddened and truly sorry that Mr. Thorpe has suffered as a result of having posted the video, I did what I thought was necessary at the time to ensure that the person who I thought violated my privacy, was caught, as I was sure based on Mr. Thorpe’s build, clothing and the fact that he was walking the road directly behind my house, that he and the person who violated my privacy were the same. It was never my intention to cause Mr. Thorpe any hurt or shame, my intentions were to have the perpetrator caught. I would never go out of my way to wrongfully accuse anyone of something this serious and post it to my social media especially knowing how unforgiving my Barbadian people can be.” (Nation News)

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