Weir: Sugar cane harvest to begin on March 14

The 2022 sugar cane season will start on Monday, March 14.

Minister of Agriculture Indar Weir announced at a press conference, which was held at Portvale Sugar Factory earlier today, that 100 000 tonnes of sugar cane would be harvested, with 6 800 tonnes of sugar and 6 900 tonnes of molasses expected to be produced.

Weir said this year’s cane harvest would see an increase of 7 871 tonnes compared to last year.

Last year, 92 129 tonnes of cane was harvested, producing 6 433 tonnes of molassess  and 5 251 tonnes of sugar.

Chiarman of the Barbados Sugar Industry Limited, Mark Sealy said there were supply chain issues which had an impact on the sugar industry.

He called for the stakeholders to prepare earlier for next year’s crop in light of these issues. (SB)

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