Urgent call to overhaul TAP

Operators are calling for an overhaul of the Transport Augmentation Programme (TAP), the public-private partnership between the Transport Board and Public Service Vehicle owners.

They are frustrated by too many late payments, the latest incidence of which prompted a series of messages, one of which was widely circulated on social media, stating they had not yet been paid for the year.

Vice-chairman of the TAP Operators Association Rodney Bellamy said they simply could not continue to conduct business in this way.

“If you are depending on the cash you collect from the cash-paying customers to run these vehicles, it can’t work. It is extremely difficult to work with that.

“You are on the edge of going out of business because the cash you collect can’t afford to pay for maintenance or diesel, so yes there is a need to restructure it and we have said that over and over,” he added. (Nation News)

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