UPDATE: School Meals Workers return to work

Workers from the School Meals Department at Harbour Road are back on the job.

Staff stopped work early on Friday morning and representatives from the National Union of Public Workers  (NUPW) were called in.

Assistant general secretary Wayne Walrond told the media workers had reached a level of “frustration” over a shortage of staff and faulty equipment which puts pressure to get meals out on time. The vehicles which transport the food also need attention.

Walrond said workers were “operating in good faith that we had persons at the level of the Ministry (of Education) even intervening to come in and give certain assurance that by Monday they would try to attempt to ratify the situation”.

General secretary Richard Green said the NUPW was hoping that over the weekend, the extra assistants and general workers who were needed to help with cleaning and maintenance could be brought in, but the situation would be revisited on Monday, the next work day. (SAT)


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