UPDATE: FLOW restores service

FLOW restored its network connectivity yesterday following a fire which knocked out internet, mobile and landline services to large parts of Christ Church as well as parts of St Philip, St Michael and St George.

The fire took place around 1:44 a.m. on Monday, destroying a house along Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church and damaging five Flow cables on a nearby utility pole.

On Facebook yesterday, the telecommunications company gave an update.

“Our crews worked through the night, and we can report that full connectivity has been restored for most customers as of this morning. Work continues at the site, and we expect all impacted customers to be fully restored within the next few hours.”

Customers who are still experiencing issues are aasked to contact the company.

Some of the areas in Christ Church which were affected included Warners, Briar Hall, Dover, Maxwell Road, St Lawrence Coast Road, St Lawrence Gap, Headley Road, Grannum Road, Fair Holme Gardens, Harmony Hall, Paradise Village, Graeme Hall Park and Tino Terrace. (CA)



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