Up to accommodation sector to profit from increased airlift

Tourism Minister Ian Gooding-Edghill is encouraging hoteliers to capitalize on the surge in airlift to Barbados. Addressing the House of Assembly during his Ministry’s second day of the Estimates debates on Monday, Gooding-Edghill emphasized the need for hoteliers to seize the opportunity presented by increased air traffic.

Responding to Opposition Leader Ralph Thorne’s inquiry about the relationship between travel to Barbados and hotel revenues, the Minister affirmed that the government has fulfilled its role and now it’s the responsibility of hoteliers to optimize the influx of visitors.

“This upcoming winter season and beyond, we anticipate an additional 12,544 seats flying into Barbados,” Gooding-Edghill announced. “When combined with the existing 65,000 seats, it totals around 77,000 seats. The government has significantly boosted airlift to Barbados, and it’s now on the shoulders of hoteliers to leverage this capacity.”

The Minister stressed the importance of enhanced data analytics in the tourism sector, advocating for greater transparency and insight into industry dynamics.

“We need to improve our data analytics,” he stated. “Accurate forecasting and reporting of hotel occupancies are essential. We’re exploring avenues to ensure that occupancy data is reported to entities like the Barbados Statistical Service for comprehensive industry assessment.”

Furthermore, Gooding-Edghill disclosed that Virgin Atlantic had committed to adding two more flights on the Barbados route from January to March, extending into the subsequent winter season.

Additionally, Barbados anticipates a rise in cruise ship passengers this year, with nearly fifty thousand visitors expected from approximately 24 vessels during the summer season.

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