Two Barbadian licensees get medicinal cannabis licences

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA), Senator Shanika Roberts-Odle said the approval of its first nine licences to two Barbadian licensees was a great step for the island’s entrance into the sector.

Roberts-Odle said she was “excited and very happy” that the board of the BCMLA and the Cabinet of Barbados had approved the licences for Best Buds and Cleland Organics Inc.

“Barbados is moving towards an ambitious new industry and our strategic plan clearly sets out bold targets to fully realise the potential of this market,” she said.

“This first set of licences represents a new economic sector under the medicinal cannabis industry, which will drive economic diversification across existing local sectors, stimulate jobs, and training opportunities and encourage local, regional, and international investment and entrepreneurship.”

She said the BCMLA team had worked diligently with applicants since the application portal opened in January last year.

Best Buds has secured a Tier 1 Cultivator licence that enables the company to cultivate up to one acre and an Import Licence to only import cannabis or medicinal cannabis products approved by the BMCLA.

Cleland Organics has secured a Tier 2 Cultivator licence that enables the company to cultivate between one and five acres, a licence to be a Tier 1 Processor operating in 200 square metre plant, as well as licences for Transport, Research & Development, Retail Distributor, Import, and Export.


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