‘Too dangerous to be released’

A psychiatrist assessed uncooperative two-time murderer Lawrence Anderson Mullin as “a significant danger to society” and someone who “requires a secure, controlled environment”.

And the killer himself seemed to agree with Justice Carlisle Greaves, by an affirmative nod of the head, that if he was released he would kill again.

The only release Mullin will get will be when “you are dead”, as the judge slapped him with a whole life sentence in the No. 3 Supreme Court yesterday.

“Having regards to the aggravating circumstances, I’ve formed the view, Mr Mullin, that you are too dangerous to be released into society. I’ve formed the view there is a real likelihood that if you are released you will murder again,” Justice Greaves said as Mullin nodded his head in the affirmative.

“I’ve formed the view that you have savaged then and that you will savage again. In the circumstances, you are sentenced to your whole life in prison. You must never be released until you are dead.”  (HLE)

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