Time to focus on national issues

ARE THE DEMS united, or are they fragmented?

The reason I ask though is because shortly after Member of Parliament Ralph Thorne announced he was crossing the floor and subsequently became Leader of the Opposition and a member of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), there seemed to be some division over his acceptance in the party.

There were reports by this newspaper that meetings were held days later to determine the acceptance of Thorne’s application for membership in the party to which he had belonged before. This seemed to be settled during subsequent meetings, when there were even posts of pictures showing a “happy” political leader and party president.

DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY president Dr Ronnie Yearwood (right) with Opposition Leader Ralph Thorne
(centre) and general secretary Steve Blackett after it was announced on February 19 that Thorne was a member
of the party. (FP)

The issue of the party’s constitution even came to the fore, highlighting the distinct difference between party leader and political leader.

It then appeared to the public, at least, that things had thankfully settled down in the party and members were moving ahead and focusing on the issues of the country.

Well, not so fast!

Trouble was clearly brewing again behind the scenes until it all became public recently.

First, there was a no-confidence motion brought by DLP member Hartley Reid against President Ronnie Yearwood, which apparently had some names that, according to the party, could not be verified.

Shortly after, the assistant general secretary of the party, Pedro Shepherd, expressed no confidence in Yearwood continuing as president.

PRESIDENT of the Democratic Labour Party Dr Ronnie Yearwood (left) embracing assistant general secretary Pedro Shepherd, who, a few days earlier, said he had no confidence in him. (FP)

The DLP, at this juncture, is clearly divided.

So, forget the photo ops, forget the political gimmicks, and call it for what it is.

This is the only way the DLP can move forward.

Finding a solution is critical and urgent if this party is to avoid becoming further fractured and divided. (CM)

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