Thumbs up for nutrition programme

The inaugural Summer Nutrition Programme is getting thumbs up, with Minster of Education Kay McConney saying the feedback from parents so far has been excellent.

She was speaking to the media following a science event in Queen’s Park yesterday involving children from various summer camps.

“The collaboration with the summer camps has been an exciting time for us. We’ve had a number of young people of many different backgrounds taking part. We were able to accommodate the needs of not only Government camps but some private ones as well, so we were able to cater to about 8 800 children per day.”

The minster said the programme was more than about nutritious meals, but also included sports, poetry, drama, etiquette and more, adding it was expected the Barbados Defence Force would be joining to conduct a programme as well.

“Generally we are very pleased and what is more important is that the parents and the children are happy. We have received some very good feedback on the four new meals. The children are liking them, and we are getting ready to engage more deeply with the students of the Jean and Norma Holder Hospitality Institute, who will continue to work with our School Meals Department to ensure we keep evolving those recipes and making them even more nutritious,” she said. (CA)

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