Thief snatches netball team’s money bag

The ugly spectre of crime raised its head at netball on Saturday night while the Bajan Gems were battling the visiting St Vincent and the Grenadines team in Game 2 of an invitational friendly series at the Wildey Gymnasium.

A man snatched the money bag from two reserve team members who were selling popcorn and other snacks on the upper level of the Gymnasium’s balcony.

He then jumped almost 16 feet to land in the car park and made good his escape up the hill to Upton Road, St Michael. A police officer was stationed just ten feet away from where the incident occurred.

President of the Barbados Netball Association Nisha Craigwell, who was called away from managing the Barbados team to deal with the matter, was shocked and angered.

“It is sad that our two players had to suffer such trauma but we are glad that no one was hurt and that the incident did not involve our visiting friends. After almost three years of lockdowns [because of COVID-19], we felt good to be restarting our sporting and tourism products,” she said.

“Such selfish and criminal individuals do not know or care what negative impact their actions have on sports and tourism, which are so desperately needed in our country. The few dollars which he stole will disappear long before our two girls overcome that frightful trauma. Hopefully, the law will soon catch up with him,” Craigwell added.

It could not be determined how much money the thief got away with. Police are investigating. (KB)

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