Term 3 going well, says Chief

The school term is going smoothly so far, reports Chief Education Officer Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw.

After a donation of books called Disasters Matter to 12 secondary schools yesterday, the chief told the media she had not received any major adverse reports concerning Term 3, the Trinity term.

“In terms of challenges, some of them are minor but we are working to resolve them. We have meetings with the unions and if there are any concerns, they would be raised to the Ministry of Education and we would endeavour to get any issues resolved as soon as possible. But we haven’t had any major issues that are extremely concerning,” she said.

Archer-Bradshaw added that the ministry was still addressing challenges related to infrastructure, with most of the schools receiving renovations. She said any major infrastructural challenges would be addressed during the annual summer programme.

“As it is, school can continue and we will continue to work with the principals, parents and unions to remedy any minor challenges and increase the comfort of our children, teachers and support staff,” she said.

The Chief Education Officer said classes would continue to be blended – mixing face-to-face with online classes – as schools generally did not have the capacity to hold their full roll while adhering to the three-foot space rule.

“We would love to have all our children back face-to-face but because we have to follow the three-feet distancing protocols, we have to utilise the blended approach,” she said. (CA)

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