Teen loses life in jetty incident

A teenager lost his life on Saturday after an incident at the sea.

Police from the Hastings/ Worthing Station reported they got a call around 3:10 p.m. that Micahyah Nehemiah Thompson, 18, of Sunbury Tenantry, St Philip, had sustained an injury from jumping off a jetty near Pebbles Beach, St Michael.

He was subsequently pronounced dead at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Thompson was a sea cadet, having reached the rank of sergeant major, and a national track and field athlete. He was a past student of Christ Church Foundation School.

When a DAILY NATION team visited the family yesterday afternoon, his mother was too distraught to comment.

A neighbour said the youth was a very mannerly person with whom she was impressed. “I remember he moved into this area around COVID times because I knew him for about three years. He was very polite. He used to walk past here with his nieces and his dog and made sure to speak every time he passed. I remember seeing him in his cadet uniform too. A lot of young people are not mannerly but he was different. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. (CA)

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