Take a bow, workers

WE SALUTE all workers!

On Labour Day (May 1), a day referred to by many as May Day  we recognise workers across all sectors, those who toil every day to not just make a living, but contribute to making this country a better place.

While this day may come as extra special for many, every day really should be regarded as one where we all try to give of our best.

Every day, those of us who are still fortunate to hold down jobs should be making sure we are as productive as we should be.

I pride myself in having a good and decent work ethic. It is something I believe in and more so now during these most productive years of my life.

That work ethic has not only helped me through the years, but carried me through some “sticky” situations I had to navigate professionally.

Too often we hear of people bemoaning their jobs – all the things that are wrong, all the things they wish were different, a myriad of frustrations expressed.

My question is: What are you doing different to effect any change at your workplace?

It is so much easier to sit and complain about the problems and not offer up any solutions.

I often hear people – especially those who have years in the labour force – making comments like “I have paid my dues”; “I am tired, let the young ones put in the work now”.

There are many who also believe that their work is over when they are past a particular age and they can just “cruise or breeze” through their jobs.

It is a reckless and irresponsible way to think.

I have no idea what it is like not to have a job. Worse yet, I have no idea what it is like to want a job and not find one.

I always remember a former colleague who was without a job for years. After he got a job at The Nation, he always reflected on the days when he was unemployed and looking for work.

He vowed he would never take his job for granted and he never did.

The moral of the story is that for us who wake up every morning feeling healthy as we head out to our jobs, let us be thankful.

Let us strive to do our best, give of our best and be productive.

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