Sugar cane sucrose level close to 20%

TESTS ON SUGAR CANES last week revealed their sucrose content is marginally close to the 20 per cent threshold needed to start the 2024 crop.

Head of the Barbados Energy and Sugar Company, retired Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Browne, told the DAILY NATION on Wednesday that officials at Portvale Factory in Blowers, St James, will continue to test the sucrose levels, and once a consistent 20 per cent threshold is reached, then deliveries of canes will commence.

“The crop will start when we are ready. The tests continue to be done and once the sucrose levels are right, then the crop will start,” he said.

Last week, during the Estimates Debate in the House of Assembly, the chairman of the Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Ambassador Dr Clyde Mascoll, said that the last tests done in the first week of March had shown the levels were close to the required 20 per cent, and the crop should be starting sometime this week. (BA)

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