Street party at Rihanna Drive

Rihanna Drive came alive earlier today with the sounds of sweet music and exuberant cricket fans.

During the day, several residents who did not visit Kensington Oval watched matches at bars in the drive as part of the Lime Like a Legend event.

After Australia defeated England at the Oval during the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup match, scores of fans went over to take in the vibes.

They were joined by Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Deputy Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw and Member of Parliament Chris Gibbs who also visited the street which was blocked off.

The officials were seen interacting with patrons and taking photos as deejays played from a trailer. 

By 5 p.m., both residents and visitors, some who waved the English flag, danced in the streets as a Tuk band played.

The party then intensified when Lorenzo took the microphone to perform Nice and Easy.

Faith was also well received by the crowd as she sang her 2024 release Pampalam and TC had the crowd jumping down the drive as she sang 10 000 Strong.

Leadpipe and SaddisMikey and iWeb were also scheduled to perform. (TG)

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