St Lucia: Court to sentence man convicted in landmark sex abuse case

Castries – Twenty years after an employee of a local institution was accused of sexually abusing boys and girls under his care, the court last week convicted the perpetrator on charges of carnal knowledge and remanded him in custody for sentencing in May.

The court heard that the man, who was suspended by the learning institution while the investigation was underway, committed the unlawful acts in 1999 and 2000.

Police arrested him in May 2018.

But one of the female victims, now an adult, testified in court against the accused.

The law does not allow the identification of the perpetrator or the publication of information that could identify the victims.

According to the St Lucia Times, the conviction should send a strong message to people who prey on children.

The online publication quoted a source as saying that the outcome of the case is an indication that there’s no statute of limitations and, that years later, an individual who becomes an adult can cause the police to investigate someone who sexually abused them as a child. (CMC)

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