SSA workers taking issues to management

Workers at the Sanitation Service Authority are waiting to meet with management after staging industrial action on Monday morning.

Trucks remained parked at the Wildey, St Michael depot and the workers gathered outside to discuss several grievances – hazard pay, including for security, laundry allowance and dissatisfaction with management.

Workers say neither the hazard pay nor the clothing allowance is enough. Some are not getting any clothing allowance at all, while the guards are forced to endure the smell when the trucks are “squeezed” in the yard and discharge the water.

Driver Tracie Best said they were “fed up” with a lot of things.

“And as far as treating us and thing is concerned, we are not being treated well; we are not being treated well. We have hazards around here and we get hazard allowance. Postmen does get more hazard allowance than we that dealing with all the faeces and all kinds of thing that we have to deal with. Them things ain’t right,” Best said.

He said they also need a salary increase.

Deputy general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Wayne Walrond, was on site to speak with workers, but he left to get a petition for them to sign regarding their dissatisfaction with management.

This is a developing story. (Nation News)

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