SSA workers off the job again

Workers at the Sanitation Service Authority are off the job for a second successive day.

Spokesman Tracie Best said it was in response to comments made in the media by management.

Yesterday, workers said they wanted negotiation on their laundry allowance, hazard allowance and relationship with the general manager.

However, their action was deemed a wildcat strike, with a statement to the media saying it was caused by the removal of items from the workers’ break room.

Best said that was not the issue and they would like to go back to work, but wanted the manager to speak with them.

“The workers are very, very unhappy and unstable. A fellow don’t know if to open he mouth because next thing you know, he transfer. So I want to know if this work is all about politics or something,” he said.

Yesterday, National Union of Public Workers’ deputy general secretary Wayne Walrond said the action was a legitimate.

“People like to talk about wildcat strikes but if you have something brewing for a while and one day workers decide to bring national attention to it, it’s not a wildcat strike. We view it as frustrated workers drawing attention to urgent matters using their legitimate rights. It is protest action which we endorse,” he said.

Minister of the Environment, Adrian “Medic” Forde, was spotted entering the Wildey, St Michael to speak with workers.  (SAT)



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